Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist

What is a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist?

Anyone going through a divorce which involves any real estate needs a professional not an amateur! Real Estate Divorce Specialists are real estate professionals specializing in divorcing clients. We are trained in the legal and tax aspects of the divorce process as it relates to real estate. We have knowledge regarding obscure legal rulings, regulations, and tax implications and how it can affect divorcing couples.

Handling the emotional nature of property issues in divorce is a large part of our training, as divorcing couples may have difficulty deciding on a sale price, disagree on the anticipated equity and be unable to agree on showings. This can all be further complicated if the divorce is contentious. We work to educate couples about the financial and legal aspects of the real estate process. Our job is not to take sides, but to focus on the property issues and show the divorcing couple that they do have options.

Services I Provide…

 Third Party Court Appointed Listing Agents
 Confidential Listing & Price Agreements
 Provide Comparative Market Analysis
 Expert Witness Testimony
 Full Service Listing/Sale Agreements
 Full Service Buyer Representation
 Knowledge of the special problems of selling real estate in divorce.
 Information & resources on tax & legal issues of dividing real estate in divorce
 Valuable insight, guidance and empathy during a highly stressful time
 Help to save money selling a home in divorce or in buying a new home
 Maximize the equity in the house for sale.


Rosemarie McGeehan, Broker-Manager

Rosemarie McGeehan, Broker-Manager